Funny Crew  Serafina Garden's Crew

Our 2015 fall workers – Izabela, Hannah, and Berny


One of our valued crew members is leaving the country for some traveling time. We hope to see Izabela back again soon for another great season!

More of our Serafina Crew!

More of our Serafina Crew!  Katya, Cari, Melinda and Logan 


This past year went by so fast, a testament to how busy we were. Many thanks to Melinda, Katia, and Logan for their wonderful work. Sadly, Katia has left us to continue her life journey in New Zealand; we wish her all happiness in her future. Thanks also to Aisling, Blake, Hannah, Graham, Bernadine, Adam and especially Izabela for their contributions to Serafina’s work. Izabela, too, must leave us, but we hope only for a while. An outstanding feature of this year was getting so comfortable with the beautiful new truck, especially appreciating its smooth reverse driving (the ONE advantage of automatic versus manual transmission). (Plus it didn’t prevent me from putting a small scratch on the back bumper.)

Looking out at a rainy December day, I recall the long hot summer of 2015. Yes, it was wonderful to not put on the rain gear for about 3 months, but the drought’s effects on gardens were painful to see. We can hope for a more normal summer ahead, but really, we should be adjusting to new realities, doing more to conserve water, both in use and in collection. Planting appropriately is also extremely important, with drought-tolerant varieties coming into their own. I look forward to exploring the worlds of sedums and grasses more in future gardens.


Serafina Garden Services is a small, independent business, owned and operated by Cari Wineberg.  Since the beginning of 2010, I have channeled my love for plants, garden design and, most important, simply working in gardens, into Serafina Garden Services, building on a lifetime of interest and 10 years of on-the-job experience.

SGS provides a full range of garden maintenance, from pruning to weeding. We operate on a strictly organic basis. Besides maintenance, SGS can provide garden renovation and design services. We have weekly, monthly, and seasonal clients, and welcome special projects. While most of our work is residential, we also look after some commercial and strata properties, such as “Georgian Court” in North Vancouver.

“Serafina” is the name of a beautiful, immortal and good witch in the novel The Golden Compass.

But it can also mean “beautiful being” in the Romance languages—these two reasons are the source of our name. Our goal is to bring beauty to people’s surroundings, to bring out the harmony of nature that can add so much joy to our lives. Besides sheer aesthetic beauty, a bounty of health can be found in home-grown, organic produce. We’d love to help you get your organic veg garden going, from building beds to planting them up.

SGS consists of myself and a small group of helpers, whose main requirements are enthusiasm for and interest in horticulture, and dedication to hard work. SGS provides excellent results at reasonable rates, focusing on quality, not quantity.

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